Karate-Do’s History

acrobats-of-manchuria-correction-10-despecledKarate Do is a branch of Martial Arts. Therefore its origin is actually linked to the origin of the martial arts itself.
Martial Arts emerged almost simultaneously with the human capacity to create new forms of survival associated with his wit, so different from other animals. Like any animal, needed for food and reproduction survive in a totally hostile environment. His only weapon was and is his special ability to use the brain. I think this work tools to facilitate the process of creation and production of food, and weapons, with which he could better control the attacks of other animals, including of course other humans. Using improvised weapons that initially emerged, they noted that there were more effective than other movements and positions. For example, put aside in a clash with sticks offered less white shock. This was the first step in what the future martial arts, or arts of war would be named, although most of those currently associated with the martial arts with oriental combat techniques. Martial arts are a human product of ancient times, even today some of them are more commercially popular than others. Because of that, no martial art that belongs to a country or culture. They belong to the heritage of humanity, like any system of knowledge that exists. And in turn, this allows more enrich and grow as system.
Karate Do, as a very small branch of the martial arts, has its origin in the islands of Okinawa and its creation and development in Japan of the early twentieth century. Although there is a tendency to think that the only Okinawan Karate is a product that is neglecting the collective human intelligence, which is what ultimately has become humanity in the most efficient existing animal on the planet.
Okinawa was a combat system practiced by the islanders, largely imported from the Pacific coastal Chinese cities, which in turn had been influenced by other combat systems from farther Asia. In the late nineteenth century the Okinawan master