About Us

Art and Sport Center was founded in Nov 11, 1995.

About-Art-Sport-CenterOur main concept is to create a perfect harmony between body and mind. We practice karate do, ballet, and a strong after school program to improve the previous sports in children.

Our founder, Jesus Alberto Costa, director, sensei and 5th karate do black belt, continuously does efforts to reach this idea.

Since that, we have could formed National and World champions. Some of our results you can see below:

USA National Results:

  1. Anthony Costa. (Gold Medal)
  2. Jesus Costa. (Gold Medal)
  3. Yasmany Garcia. (Gold Medal)
  4. Gino Alfonso. (Gold Medal)
  5. Reinier Martinez. (Gold Medal)
  6. Elvis Arronde. (Gold Medal)
  7. Alfredo Pozo. (Gold Medal)
  8. Nicole Cimadevilla. (Gold Medal)
  9. Carlos Semanat. (Gold Medal)
  10. See all.

Pan American Results:

  1. Jesus Costa Jr. (Silver Medal in Division -68Silver Medal in Team Kumite, and Bronze in Open Kumite). Medellin Colombia 2013.
  2. Jesus Costa Jr. (Silver Medal in Division -68. Lima Peru 2014.
  3. Anthony Costa. (Bronze Medal). Fortaleza, Brazil 2011.
  4. Anthony Costa. (5th place). Montreal, Canada 2010.
  5. Angel Diaz. (5th place)

World Results:

All Japan Jr World 2006. Gino Alfonso, Yasmany Garcia. (Both 3th place, Kata)

WKC World  2010 Italy. Jesus Costa Jr (1th Kata and 3th Kumite)

WKF World Championship 2011 Malaysia Kuala Lumpur. Anthony Costa 2011, 8th place.